When I first started as an inventor in 2002, resources for inventors could almost be counted on one hand, good inventor resources were few. Now there are many, many helpful resources to assist inventors.

In this post, I'll provide a gamut of resources I have found to be valuable.

General Resources for Inventors

General resources can be quite valuable but are often overlooked.

Community colleges and universities are redoubts of valuable knowledge and skills. You may find everything from engineers to help you with prototype design to website developers to students to help with research or surveys.

Libraries provide direct access to a cornucopia of information that often is not accessible via a Google search. Increasingly, many major cities have maker's spaces that give easy access and even training to CNC machines, 3D printers and other useful tools. Inventor's groups are invaluable – a listing of US inventors groups from Roger Brown.

Inventors Resource Links

For free patent searching and other info: www.uspto.gov. If you wish to conduct a more thorough search, for $250, go to www.patentsearchinternational.com.

University of Wisconsin Innovation Center provides a thorough market study at a cost of around $900 (I think). Also the US Small Business Development Center provides small business consulting assistance in most major cities, most of which is free.

Lambert & Lambert provides an invention assessment and, for inventions that rank well may undertake to assist with licensing for your product. Their fee is reasonable, I believe around $200.

Websites and Other Resources of Interest to Inventors

How would you like to learn from the experts for free? You can, there are a number of veteran successful inventors who provide websites, blogs, etc. full of helpful advice to new inventors. Below are some I can think of quickly.

Roger Brown has great information to assist inventors including books, blogs, and samples of sell sheets on his website. Stephen Key is another great inventor who provides coaching and other valuable services to inventors. Mary Sarao and Barbara Pitts are successful inventors of Ghostline and great friends of mine, check out their website.

I will finish by pitching who else, me? Please check out my website www.inventor-center.net. I provide a unique service to inventors both consulting and also my new service whereby I can help inventors to get traction, especially with DRTV type products.


Stay Tuned.