Inventing – The Road(s) Not Traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost The above poem,one of the most oft quoted from poet Robert Frost, resonates with millions more than 100 years after it was written. Inventing – The Road(s) Not Traveled (less taken) I particularly appreciate… Continue reading Inventing – The Road(s) Not Traveled

Inventors Hold the Keys to Success

Inventors work full time at their “day jobs” and nights and weekends spending time, energy, and capital hoping their inventions will someday “hit it big.” Yet less than 3% of patent holders ever profit from their inventions. Inventors hold the keys to success in our 21st century economy.  How can a profession where 97% of the participants fail hold the… Continue reading Inventors Hold the Keys to Success

Why You Should be an Inventor

I and many others have written about how risky it is to be an inventor. If you are reading this you either are already an inventor or want to be an inventor. Let’s talk about reasons why you should be an inventor! Barriers to entry are low Tools and resources are ubiquitous Companies must have… Continue reading Why You Should be an Inventor

Cutting the Gordian Knot to Inventing Success

The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem (disentangling an “impossible” knot) solved easily by loophole or “thinking outside the box” (“cutting the Gordian knot”). The iconic Gordian knot is analogous to the seemingly intractable problems of converting an amorphous idea into a working prototype and then into a… Continue reading Cutting the Gordian Knot to Inventing Success

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 – Key Trends

I just got back from attending the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Wow! The CES is the largest trade show in Las Vegas, featuring over 3,600 exhibitors and drawing over 150,000 attendees. From January 6 – 9 innovative new products, technologies, and startups all converged on Las Vegas. For an inventor, taking it… Continue reading Consumer Electronics Show 2016 – Key Trends

2016: Thoughts on Inventing in the New Year

It is a new year, a great time for reflection and to consider your goals and objectives for 2016. This could be a great time to get to work on your product idea: the one that has been bouncing around in your head, maybe you have made some drawings and tinkered with it. Below are… Continue reading 2016: Thoughts on Inventing in the New Year

No-No’s for New Inventors

Much is written about what inventors should do to be successful. But, equally important is what inventors should avoid doing to be successful: inventor no-no’s.  Below are three no-no’s every inventors must avoid to achieve success. No-No 1: Rushing out to File a Utility Patent Inventors love their product ideas and vigorously defend them like a… Continue reading No-No’s for New Inventors

Real World of Inventing

Very little is written about the real world of inventing. Many wannabe inventors love to do the following: Come up with ideas for new products Create working prototypes of our ideas Hope to find someone to “buy” the idea or invention To succeed as an inventor, however, requires vastly more that the above three actions which just about anyone can… Continue reading Real World of Inventing