My last post was all about resources for inventors (and entrepreneurs).

Business Success Secrets – for Free


Business training and education is a rapidly growing, multi billion dollar segment. Rapid technology advances mean that today's knowledge cannot solve tomorrow's problems: you must continually retrain and gain new knowledge and insights.

Business leaders spend thousands of dollars attending seminars and conferences from top-tier trainers and gurus – hoping to gain an edge over competitors. But, many solo-preneurs and small business owners simply have no budget for such training.

Do you ever wish there were a way to gain valuable knowledge at an affordable cost? Your wish has been granted! Read on.

Podcasts – Top Flight Training for Free

Below are some of my favorite podcasts (mentioned last week):

  • EOFire – a daily podcast of interesting entrepreneurs – only about 30 minutes each
  • This Week in Startups – Jason Calacanis is an amazing Silicon Valley success story
  • EntreLeadership – from Dave Ramsey’s group
  • Solopreneur – with proudly ‘unemployable’ host Michael O’Neal

There are dozens of others, but the above list is a great place to start. My personal favorite is EOFire – host John Lee Dumas, a phenomenal success story himself, will ‘ignite’ you into action.

I wanted to expand upon the brief discussion last week about podcasts and why I feel you must make them a part of your daily routine.

Business podcasters interview a diverse spectrum of business leaders from small startups to Fortune 500 CEOs. The leaders discuss what they have learned, the mistakes they made and what advice they would give to aspiring entrepreneurs. That is phenomenally valuable information and it is free for the taking, you just have to listen while you're driving or in your home.

No Longer ‘Lost and Confused'

Six months ago, I had a vague sense it was time, once again, to reinvent myself.

I've done speaking and training for many years and I knew I wanted to tap those skills in my future endeavors, but I didn't want to be an employee again: exchanging time for money. I like to write (as you can tell) and felt I would like to find a way to monetize that skill, but had no clear path forward. I also like time freedom of collecting royalties from a product or service – create something once, sell it many times.

I was figuratively ‘lost and confused' – I knew generally what I wanted to do and why, but had no clear, concise plan as to how to shape a future venture around my aspirations. I'll bet you can identify with that!

I started intently listening to business podcasts and one message came out crystal clear:

  • Don't go it alone trying to find your own path: find someone who has already been there and follow them.

Via podcasts, I have learned over over 100 business leaders with skills in many different categories to help me with just about any need I have. Derek Doepker is a great guru for learning to publish eBooks on Amazon – he is helping me to get traction with my books. I wish to create and monetize my own webinars for inventors. Now I know that John Lee Dumas and a variety of others can help me move forward with that plan.

I at last earned how to develop my own website using I have finally build an email list and begun actively employing email marketing using  This is just the beginning of my new e-commerce empire, but now I know what kinds of apps and Internet resources can help me and who can help and guide me along the way. I now have more resources than I quite know what to do with.

And you can too.

Just listen in to business podcasts via your favorite app such as Stitcher or NPR One. Good luck, and stay tuned.

By the way, my new unfinished website is here with lots of Australia pictures. Check it out.

Stay tuned.