Inventor and Entrepreneur

After over thirty years in the corporate world as an engineer and telecom project manager, I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2009 and love every busy minute of it.

It was scary then and a bit scary now. Many of my colleagues erroneously refer to me as ‘retired’ because I don’t make daily commutes as they do, but I work more hours than many of them. I work days, evenings and often on weekends in my business enterprises at times when most of them are relaxing at home, watching television or enjoying time with friends.

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. It is true success is a journey, not a destination. Why do I do it? Because it gives me what I value: two freedoms: freedom of time and financial freedom. Being able to choose to use your time as you see fit is a precious freedom that more people should enjoy.

Dreams Really Do Come True!

My Story! My Invention! My Journey!

I invented a thin wallet that held twice as many cards but flexed for back pocket comfort and turned it into a retail product: Savvy Caddy wallets (as it was named initially).

Like so many inventors, my invention had humble beginnings: I sold Savvy Caddy wallets anywhere I could, including fairs and festivals, and later at military bases and VA Hospitals. Customers loved my wallets, but retailers were skeptical and manufacturers, it seemed, had little interest in licensing my product. It was frustrating! Sound familiar?

Finally, in 2009 I was able to achieve commercial success selling on QVC. After selling thousands of wallets on QVC, I set my sights on the ‘big game:’ selling on DRTV (direct response TV) where I felt I could sell hundreds of thousands of wallets. For over 5 years, I persisted and pursued just about everyone in the DRTV industry: none it seemed were interested in a slim wallet product. Finally, in 2015 I was able to license my invention to Allstar Products, one of the largest DRTV companies in the business. Allstar rolled out my wallet design, now called Wonder Wallet, into over 10,000 retail stores across the US and Canada. In the first year, they sold over 1 million wallets and I collected a small royalty from each one.

In 2002 I began my journey as an inventor with a simple idea for a thin wallet that I knew would change the world. I filed my first of two patents envisioning millions of consumers buying my Savvy Caddy wallets, but I had no idea the path that lay before me. I received a pummeling of no’s from potential licensees – no thank you; from retailers – sorry, not for us; from online and catalog merchants – not really a fit at this time. QVC had been my one bright light, but it ended after two years and the battle resumed for another five years of no’s from DRTV companies. Persistence and an unflagging belief in my product kept me in the fight. Like an embattled boxer who had been knocked down in fourteen rounds, I rose to fight one more round and something amazing happened: I won! It took me 15 years to successfully commercialize my invention.

I'll bet you can identify with this story.

Over the years I met countless inventors with great products who, like me, were struggling to make “real money” by commercializing their products successfully. Most of them, after many years, finally just gave up: out of money, out of frustration, and out of patience.

Throughout my journey, I learned real, practical ways to cut years off the long journey to commercialization. With my success, I vowed to make a difference for other inventors. Today, I provide a free services to other inventors, including mentoring, books, and training information. I also have items I sell to inventors as well. For inventors who have retail-ready products, I can serve as a licensing agent, charging nothing unless we succeed in licensing the product. If we do, I will share in a portion of any future royalties. My goal and purpose is simple: to help other inventors to cut years off of the process, to achieve meaningful success much more quickly than I did; and, when possible, to share in their success.

Life Is a Journey

Turn your skills and passions to a noble purpose and enjoy the world's beautiful palette.

Why are there travel pictures on this website? Because what I do allows me to do what I love: travel to interesting places across the globe.

I hope they may inspire you to plan a fun getaway for you and your family. Bon Voyage!

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