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Helping Inventors & Entrepreneurs to Achieve Their Dreams

You want to finally make money with your invention. Only problem is... where the heck do you start?!

I'm Alan Beckley and my passion is to provide fellow inventors with information, tools and resources to help moving the process forward. Tools I wished existed when I began my own invention journey. My Podcast ‘Inventors helping Inventors' is a weekly resource where successful inventors share their secrets while my 5-day Inventors Boot-Camp teaches you the 3-step V-E-M marketing basics, a great foundation for my inventors essential course ‘Land your License Deal', guiding you through licensing your product from beginning to end.

Courses, Webinars & Resources

The Inventors Bootcamp

Learn the basis of pitching your invention for licensing and the  V-E-M marketing process.
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FREE Webinar

License your invention for royalties for less than $500
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How to land your License Deal

A course for inventors providing tools, tips, and tactics to help you achieve success .
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FREE Resources

5 Steps to launch
your new invention.
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One On One Coaching Services

Coaching for Inventors

One on one Coaching I provide coaching to inventors on a variety of topics, including product licensing and venturing, manufacturing in China, selling on QVC and more. Reach out to schedule a free appointment to chat and see if coaching is a fit for you.
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Company Evaluation

Before you spend a lot of money to work with a company offering big promises, get in touch. I do a 9-point evaluation of a company, then provide you a report of my findings. Armed with this information, you can make a fully-informed decision how to proceed.
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My Invention : Wonder Wallet

Do you know how long it took for me to successfully commercialize my first invention: the Wonder Wallet?

13 years! No, that is not a typo, it took me that long to achieve success, working very hard.Here is the good news.

I know how to commercialize inventions much faster now – typically 1 to 3 years.

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Resources For Inventors

Access resources below to help you along the journey of becoming a successful Inventor. Valuable information just one click away - Get yours now!

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