How to License
Your Inventions
for Royalties


For 8 years I ventured my slim wallets: manufactured in China, handled importing, warehousing, packaging, shipping and, of course, marketing my product. After venturing my slim wallets for 8 years, working 7 days per week, making just enough to pay the bills each month, I thought, There has got to be a better way than this!

There is a better way! Licensing your invention for royalties is a much better path forward for inventors – and it is much more lucrative as well.

When I licensed my thin wallet designs to Allstar Products in 2015, they rolled it out into over 10,000 retail stores and over 1 million wallets were sold in the first year. To date, my product, the Wonder Wallet has sold over $30 million in total retail sales. My friend, Josh Malone, have seen total retail sales for his toy, Bunch O Balloons, exceed $200 million in just a few years.

How much will your invention make in the marketplace? There is only one way to find out – get it out there!

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The one secret you must know – that most inventors don't know – to get them to say ‘yes'


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Your licensing game plan, step-by-step.

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“The free ‘License Your Invention for Royalties' webinar is great for inventors to get a clear picture of how to get a license deal accomplished. Before the webinar, I had no idea where to start. Now I have a structured game plan on what to do. I highly recommend this webinar to anybody wanting to profit from their invention idea.”


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