In every workplace on the planet, water-cooler conversations (are there still “water coolers?”) often revolve around the blame game: what went wrong and who's going to get the blame?

Quite often the person  blamed wasn't at fault or even involved, but he or she had the misfortune of being a convenient target. Unfortunately, the blame game has resulted in the common scenario where everything is the fault of someone else, no one wants to take accountability and responsibility (A & R) for anything negative.

When you are self-employed and something goes wrong, look in the mirror, and you will find the culprit!

The blame may fall to many different places: suppliers who deliver late; manufacturers who provide defective items; contractors who don't do their job properly, but A & R falls to only one person: you!

It is your business, so you are accountable to ensure timely delivery of a quality product and you are responsible to recognize and correct issues that get in the way.

Is there any good news in all of this? Yes, there is!

Successful businesspeople and inventors are both accountable and responsible. When a problem occurs, they focus not upon who is to blame, but rather upon how to solve the problem and to take actions to prevent it from happening again. That is what A & R is all about.

Those who focus upon blame and fault see themselves as victims of inequitable or unfair circumstances. Victims are committed to victimhood and will always look to others to solve their problems. It is a sort of death spiral with no solution.

Problem-solvers, on the other hand, develop strong self-reliance, self-confidence and poise. Every problem addressed and solved adds to their repertoire – their toolkit of success. Their confidence grows such that they feel able to take on ever bigger problems and challenges.

Becoming a problem solver is essential for success as an inventor where there are many challenges, no clear path to success, and lots of setbacks. The inventors who succeed are adroit problem-solvers, the ones who fail become victims where the finger of blame always points elsewhere.

Carpe Diem!

Become a problem-solver and there is nothing you cannot achieve!

Stay tuned!